Holding On to Your Strengths While Drinking from the Water Hose

You probably heard Tim Flood recite during orientation: “Business School is like drinking from a water hose.” CMC, the Consulting Club, and other clubs are giving you a lot of “do’s and don’t do’s”, and you might feel overwhelmed. Maybe you’re questioning if you are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. There were times during 1Y when I wondered if I was the one being weird at recruiting events or saying the wrong thing in an email. I was constantly evaluating the reports from CMC/CC/firms against myself and I worried I wasn’t measure up to those around me. But get this – all that questioning led me to doubt my ability during interviews. There’s a balance to strike in evaluating yourself

Internal Strategist and Consultant – Peas in a Pod

Fresh out of my summer internship at, the most common question I faced from curious first-years was, “How much of a challenge was it to pivot from Consulting to Internal Strategy?” As someone who has always loved to answer questions and solve problems, no matter how unfamiliar the subject, I found the pivot not challenging at all. This realization prompted me to explore the genesis of the discussion: “Why are internal and external strategy roles perceived differently? What unites them, and what sets them apart?”. My experience of having worked in both the roles, and my love for analogies, helps summarize the synergies and nuances as follows: Takes the same ingredients Ever wondere

Soft Skills: Forgotten by Students, Demanded by Employers

Everyone interested in consulting has heard about the so-called “Airport Test.” During recruiting season, firms are constantly trying to figure out if you’re the right fit for them. And one of the ways they evaluate that fit is by asking themselves how they would feel being stuck in an airport with you. But does that really happen? The answer is yes, it does happen. And yes, this is a huge factor in the recruiting process. At one point during my summer at Deloitte, I was stuck in the Newark airport with a Consultant on my project for four hours. We had dinner together and talked about anything and everything: our client, Atlanta, his yoga practice, CrossFit, our families, our overall career

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