It´s Okay Not to Know

Many, myself included, join consulting due to a desire to take on the challenging business problems that consultancies navigate clients through. What I found out after joining is that consulting is not about what you know, it is about what you don´t know. What kept me going every day was not the problem that I was working on, it was the people that I worked with. I joined Deloitte on a Thursday and had my first onboarding session with my engagement team on Friday. I had been assigned to a case in the Life Sciences Industry. One of the world´s largest pharmaceuticals was struggling to contain labor costs in its Emerging Markets operations and had hired our firm to find a way to drive producti

It’s Not About the Answer

It’s about how you get there. Consulting firms, even the biggest, fanciest ones, do a lot of very unglamorous work. It pays the bills. Not every project is an intense strategy or heavily analytical pricing project. Sometimes you find yourself heading to a client you didn’t know the firm had, doing work you didn’t know even existed. In cases like that, often the firm is brought in not because the client doesn’t know the answer, but because we have expertise doing something that the client doesn’t have. During my summer at Deloitte, I got staffed on one of those projects, and it was the most valuable professional experience of my life. I found myself working on designing and outsourcing a digi

Taking the Tar Heels to the Top: UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Deloitte Case Competition Team and Their Journ

When we started the Deloitte Case Competition journey, our team didn’t expect to make it out of the first round. In fact, we had made a list of all the teams that were likely going to beat us. Self-doubt was a consistent theme throughout our entire experience. Without fail, the girls after each presentation would say “Well, we did our best and we put it all on the table. But there is no way we are moving on.” Thankfully, Andrey rallied us and continually reminded us that we were awesome and had the potential to be very competitive. However, with the strong competitors we were up against, it was hard to always remain positive! So it was a shock when we not only moved on after the internal rou

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