Learnings from the 1st Year Case-Off: Trust your instincts and enjoy the case!

If I were to sum up what helped me win the 1st Year Case-Off, it would be enjoying the case and always trusting my instincts. As the preliminary round of the case-off loomed near, I felt that I was the among the most under-prepared people walking into the competition. I had attended all the Consulting Club training sessions on case interviewing, but had done only one complete case (in which I performed terribly) before the actual case-off. I tried opening the Victor Cheng book the night before and went to sleep 15 minutes later even more intimidated than before! But here is what happened in the preliminary round – once I started the case I genuinely started enjoying it. It was a case about a

The Importance of Fit with Firm Culture

I field many questions from 1Y’s about firm culture, especially since Direct Supply, where I worked over the summer, is renowned for theirs. Many consider cultural fit an important criterion, but for some it is a second- or third-tier consideration. I would argue though, that finding cultural fit at a firm should be a foundational consideration for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer and could confidently accept my offer without shopping around. And I owe much of this to alignment between the firm’s culture and my own values and career goals. Culture alignment made my life significantly easier both in terms of the work that I did and the networking that I engaged in. Cultural Alignment

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