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Case Interview Secrets by Victor Cheng

If you have time to only read one book, this is the one we would recommend.  Although less popular than Cosentino's book, Victor Cheng's approach is a little more conversational and subsequently his book is longer but perhaps more readable. His book is designed for those brand new to consulting and he focus his efforts on how to think and work with your interviewer effectively.  


While the book is light on frameworks, we think that's ok as there are plenty of other resources, including your own brain power, where you can find frameworks.

Case in Point by Marc P. Cosentino

This is the book that dominates the reading list of most top MBA programs.  Cosentino's book is comprehensive and includes many frameworks for many different business situations.


The thing we find most useful in his books is the great list of ideas he has lining the pages of his book to say "cut costs" or "increase revenue". This can be extremely helpful when just begining your casing and your not sure what to ask or where to start.

Crack the Case System by David Ohrvall

David Ohrvall's book, Crack the Case System, is enormous and incredibly comprehensive. In addition to the basic information that Cheng and Cosentino supply, Crack the Case System has an extensive supply of practice cases which can be very helpful and is a big differentiator.

Free Content

This is the site of Victor Cheng, author of Case Interview Secrets. You can sign up for his free emails and peruse the many articles he has listed. His site almost serves a bit as Q&A for all things consulting and is a little bit scattered in terms of layout. He's got a sidebar with his most popular articles which are worth a look and he's got a quick video on the 5 biggest resume mistakes.


For Purchase

His Look Over My Shoulder series (LOMS) is an incredibly popular resource for people wanting to really understand what a consulting interview is like.  


He also offers resume and case prep services, like a lot of the other top vendors in this space.

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Probably the premier portal for information, both free and otherwise. There's a couple of things that make this website great.  


Free Content

This site has a boatload of free content and they continually add more articles and videos. If your questions can't get answered for free on this site, they probably can't be answered for free.


For Purchase

The new landing page for this site makes it a little tougher to find anything but their services and for-purchase content. They offer resume reviews, case interviews, and a bevy of other resources to get you started. A lot of their for purchase content will be available to you once you come to Kenan-Flagler but if you want to get a head start this is the place.

Free Content

Not to be outdone by Victor Cheng, is from Marc Cosentino, author of Case In Point. There are a few interactive cases that you can go through on this site and a few market sizing questions as well. These are really structured to give you a taste of what's behind the paywall rather than truly help you prepare for case interviews.


For Purchase

After sampling his interactive cases and questions he has a number of different options for purchase but it really revolves around the interactive cases. You get access to all of the cases rather than paying case by case but you are limited in how many days you can access. The more days you want to have access, the more expensive the option. It's a great idea and resource if you don't have a case buddy but it also falls short of mimicking a true one-on-one case setting. 

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