• Parker Grayson

2020 Summer Blog Series, Post #3: Interning at McKinsey

Hi everyone! My name is Francis and I just finished my 5th week as a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company. It has been an amazing experience so far and I am thrilled to write to you here and share part of my summer adventure with you!

After a week of training called “Embark,” I started my project. Together with my team, I initiated a transformation for a major U.S.-based client within the firm’s Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice. I joined the team at the start of the project and I am very excited to be part of the project from start to finish, as the engagement lasts the full duration of my summer internship. It is amazing to experience how a project kicks off and to drive impact during the first weeks. I am looking forward to helping develop final deliverables and recommendations towards the end of the engagement.

My team, the firm’s leadership, and recruiters have been incredibly welcoming and supportive. I am impressed with their highly-personalized approach to guide me and the other interns through these unprecedented times. As COVID-19 intensified, the firm was able to quickly pivot because it had embraced virtual communication long before it became a necessity. The firm’s focus on virtual tools and technologies has facilitated more efficient problem-solving and creativity both internally and with the client.

I am about halfway through my summer internship and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Feedback, mentorship, and apprenticeship are truly essential and everyone at the firm shares a mindset of intellectual curiosity. The engagement is intense and at the same time incredibly fulfilling. Because of all this, my experience at McKinsey & Company has thus far exceeded my expectations.

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