• Parker Grayson

Interning at BCG

Hi everyone! My name is Chris, and I’m about halfway through my summer with BCG and wanted to share a bit of that experience with you.

As with the rest of 2020, the path to and within my internship has taken many turns. At the end of the day, I’m incredibly excited with the initial training and seven weeks of work with the client. It has been a challenge to join a team on a long-term project, but it has been great, and I’ve learned a lot.

I’m part of a large team helping an aerospace client with cost reduction. Within that team I work in a three-person workstream, and I’ve had the opportunity to take ownership of a module. A normal day includes multiple zoom calls, building slides, analyzing contract documents, and coordinating with my team on slack. I’m impressed at just how well things operate in a completely remote environment.

BCG has demonstrated an impressive focus on personal development through the last five weeks. I met with my project leader early on and asked to work on a quantitative module and he made that happen. Not only that, but he has helped me learn some modeling best practices in Excel, which I confess I needed badly.

My team and the case leadership have also been incredibly flexible when it comes to family life. My wife works full time as a physician, so her shifts vary day to day and include overnights and weekends. With her job, I am on primary parent duty for our three-year-old daughter. Right when I joined my team, my project leader and I talked through expectations and arrangements to help deal with this. I’ve never had a job that was so flexible and understanding of the needs of family life.

I am sad that I can’t be in the Washington office this summer, but the recruiting team, my case team, and my fellow summers have done a great job of keeping us connected. Plus, the flexibility of zoom “coffee chats” have been a blessing in disguise; I’ve met and spoken to so many fellow BCGers from around the country this summer and I’m not sure that could have happened in a more normal time.

As you can probably tell, I’m loving my summer and team at BCG. I’m learning a ton and getting to see the consulting life, the two goals I set for the summer. Based on all I’ve seen so far, I’m sure I’ll keep achieving these goals each day for the next three weeks.

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