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  • Parker Grayson

Interning at McKinsey

Hey y’all! My name is Christina and I just wrapped up my third week as a Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company. I know Francis has already written a bit about his experience at the firm. I agree with Francis in that it has been an amazing experience thus far, from the initial training at Embark to actually diving in and working with the client.

My client is in the food and beverage industry and the firm is doing a total transformation for them, which means the engagement is a lot longer than is typical. The firm had been working with the client for a few months before I joined and will continue to work with them into next year. My particular work stream is under a marketing umbrella and my direct manager is a Kenan-Flagler alum, which I consider a double win! A lot of the marketing we’re doing is playing out live and it’s been awesome in just a few short weeks to already see the positive impact our work is having for the client. I’ve been able to leverage the technical skills I gained during the first year of business school and my previous experience working with high level clients to personally contribute to the team, from crafting original PowerPoints for the CEO to running sales analytics to determine what marketing play the client should make next.

While the virtual environment certainly isn’t the same, I’ve been able to foster solid connections with both fellow interns in McKinsey’s southern offices and also those on my team through informal and formal events. It’s also really great to be able to take my dogs for a quick lunch time walk, a welcomed break amid an often long day, or to take an internal call outside on my porch (the dogs also join for these!). I feel challenged every day but also extraordinarily supported and can’t wait to see what the next seven weeks bring!

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