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  • Parker Grayson

Summer 2020 Blog Series #2: Interning at Accenture Strategy

Hi there! My name is Phil, I am a rising second-year MBA and currently interning with Accenture Strategy. Accenture is a publicly traded multinational consulting firm with over 500,000 employees. Accenture’s clients include most of the world’s Fortune Global 100 and 500 companies. Additionally, I’m not sure if you’ve seen any Microsoft Teams commercials lately, but Accenture is the single largest organization using Microsoft Teams.

I am happy to share my experience with all of you. The first week of my internship was mostly introductions and orientation but if you see my included photos, the Accenture recruiting and onboarding team really went out of there way to make the virtual environment more inviting. They sent all the interns a welcome pack with some great items to help get us started as well as a few bottles of wine. The wine, you might be asking, was for a virtual wine tasting hosted by a certified sommelier.

My initial project assignment for the summer was with a team conducting supply chain and operations strategy for a major U.S.-based telecom company. I joined the team in their last week on the client and was able to see their final deliverables presented to the client. It was amazing to see how much the team uncovered in just a couple months.

I am now assigned to a new project team which focuses on global social initiatives. Accenture maintains a strong focus on corporate citizenship and I am identifying how they can best dispatch their available resources for social good. Engagement with managers, recruiters, and members of my internship has been great across the entire company. I have noticed that the welcoming environment at Accenture shares reminds me a lot of the community environment that brought me to KFBS.

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