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  • Parker Grayson

Summer 2020 Blog Series, Blog #1: Interning at Corning

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Hi everyone! This is Parker, and I am a rising second-year MBA and the Consulting Club’s VP of Communications. I am super excited to be posting on the Consulting Club blog to tell you about my internal strategy internship at Corning. For those of you who don’t know, Corning is a Fortune 500 manufacturing company that has been around for 170 years and has 50,000 employees worldwide. The company makes all things glass—from the glass screen on your smart phone to the optical fiber providing your Internet connection to the glass vials used to deliver and store drugs. At Corning, I am working on a sustainability-related project. The project is great because I’ve been able to meet with managers from various Corning groups like finance, strategy, and sustainability. Although I’ve been only interning for a week, I know that it’s going to be a great summer 😊. I’ll give you more details when I post to this blog later in the summer—until then!

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